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FlamBICC ANZ 0.6/1kV, Class 5 core 7

AS/NZS 5000.1
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Length (m)

Ducab FlamBICC ANZ cables are single and multicore Fire Performance power & control cables which are designed as per AS/NZS 5000.1 standard & fire/mechanical tested as per AS/NZS 3013 standard according to WS52W & WS51W testing classifications.

Ducab FlamBICC ANZ Cables are approved by EXOVA WARRINGTONFIRE AUS PTY LTD (EXOVA) and are suitable for use in emergency safety circuits to maintain circuit integrity in presence of fire up to two hours at an extreme temperature of 1050˚ C.

These cables are rated as 110˚ C for increased current rating and made with special Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) material which does not emit thick smoke thus ensuring light transmittance and does not emit toxic halogen fumes in the event of a fire. Accordingly, these cables are fit to use in confined spaces and high people density areas such as hospitals, airports and other public premises.

Type of Conductor Class 5
Voltage grade 600/1000V
Conductor Plain Annealed Copper Class 5 flexible per AS/NZS 1125
Primary Insulation Mica Glass Tape
Insulation Cross-linked, Halogen Free, Flame Retardant, X-HF-110
Outer Sheath Thermoplastic, Low Smoke, Halogen Free, HFS-110-TP
Operating Temperature 110°C maximum
Sheath Colour Red

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