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Single core, 0.6/1kV V-90 insulated, 1C-Class 1
Multicore Circular - CU/XLPE/SWA/PVC-0.6/1kv-class2-4C + E
Multicore Circular - CU/XLPE/SWA/PVC-0.6/1kv-class2-3C + E
Multicore Circular - CU/XLPE/SWA/PVC-0.6/1kv-class2-2C + E
Multicore Circular - CU/XLPE/PVC-0.6/1kv-class2-4C + E
Multicore Circular - CU/XLPE/PVC-0.6/1kv-class2-3C + E
Multicore Circular - CU/XLPE/PVC-0.6/1kv-class2-2C + E
Multicore Circular - CU/PVC/PVC-0.6/1kv-class2-4C + E
Multicore Circular - CU/PVC/PVC-0.6/1kv-class2-3C + E
Multicore Circular - CU/PVC/PVC-0.6/1kv-class2-2C + E
Single core, 0.6/1kV X-HF-90 insulated-1C-Class 1-LSZH
2 Cores + E + Earth flat 450/750V V-90 insulated, PVC sheathed-Class2
2 Cores + Earth flat 450/750V V-90 insulated, PVC sheathed-class2
Single core Copper Class 5, 0.6/1kV V-90 insulated, 5V-90 sheathed-1C
PVC-Single core Copper Class 5, 0.6/1kV V-90 insulated-1C
Health Regulations

highest quality, designed for minimum usage of material, minimising waste and recycling materials.

Safety Standards

Effective training, education, communication and involvement of our employees on best practice

Environmental Management

Communication with customers, suppliers, regulatory authorities to promote positive improvements

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